Welcome to OpenOakland's Data Site!

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Wed, 02/19/2014 - 14:40 -- admin

You've found your way to Oakland's own community data platform- a place where government agencies, nonprofits, journalists and community scientists can publish and find data.

Got data? Open it up! Share the data you worked so hard to get. Once you've done your thing with it, it's hardly used up right? Get an account on the site here and publish your data. We'll help you tell others about it so it can be used over and over in ways you didn't expect. We'll have some guide docs up soon to help you ensure data are good quality, there are sufficient ways to get in touch with you or the original source and that people know what they maybe can and cannot do with the data- you know, limitations, accuracy stuff. To get a publishing account send an email with your basic info to us.

**Need data? ** We're the place Oakland organizations can freely publish all public data too, at no cost to anyone. Search using keywords or with our categories. if you get stuck, hit us on twitter .