Data updates: streets & parking edition

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Mon, 02/09/2015 - 18:03 -- admin

This week we have three new datasets live, courtesy of a public records request by Rudy Wilson with OpenOakland, one of our new members who got hooked at CityCamp Oakland!

First up- handicapped parking spaces, all the slots across the city as simple vectors that show the size of the space, available here . This is a shapefile currently, geoJSON format coming shortly.

Next up we have all the parking meters in Oakland. Yes, no-one loves parking meters but knowing where they all are could be useful, get these data as shapefiles or csv right here.

Lastly, we have a shapefile of all the street sweeping schedules. Right now this is a single line segment per street with schedules for both the odd and even sides of the street. Hopefully someone will put some time into developing a more usable version of this with separate side segments to make usable visualization easier!. Available here. here

And a reminder- if you get data from any local government agencies (legally of course), please make everyone else's life easier and publish those data on this site! That goes for your value added final processed data too!