This version captures Oakland Police Department data for the period 2007 - October, 2016. The number of unique case IDs (NCID) is 592485 and the number of indicents associated with these (NIncid) is 744751. 93% of the case records have been geo-coded.

Further details regarding the datamodel underlying this data set, its provenance, and a crime classification build over it, are available here.

Data format

Three formats are available:

  • (23 MB, zipped) comma separated with a header line showing these fields:

    • Idx, OPD_RD, OIdx, Date, Time, CType, Desc, Beat, Addr, Lat, Long, Src, UCR, Statute, CrimeCat
  • (22.8 MB zipped) JSON for a dictionary

    • cid ==> [date,time,beat,addr,lat,long, [ctype,desc,src,ucr,statute,cc]+ ]
  • (38 MB zipped) a SqlLite database created via

    • CREATE TABLE INCIDENT (incididx int, rd text, date text, beat text, addr text, lat real, long real)
    • CREATE TABLE CHARGE (chgidx int, rd text, rdchgidx int, ctype text, desc text, src text, ucr text, statute text, crimeCat text)

Additional Information

resource typefile upload
timestampNov 01, 2016